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Interview de notre assistant d’anglais

Lila : Can you introduce yourself briefly ?
Daniel : Yeah, so I’m Daniel from England.

Julyan : Why did you choose France ?
Daniel : Why I chose France ? Hum… I have spent a long time in France in the past with my family. So Paris is so close to home and I like France, it is nice.

Olivia : What is your favourite French word or sentence ?
Daniel : Hum, my favourite French word or sentence is not really rude uh… when you say you miss someone you say “il me manque”.

Lila : What is for you the most difficult French word to say ?
Daniel : It is a good question ; there are many very difficult French words and I can’t choose one, but “accueillir” is very difficult to say for English people.

Nicolas : Does your job satisfy you, and make you happy ?
Daniel : Yes, it does, I love my job, I love teaching every day ; I really do love my job.

Alexandre : What was your first impression when you came to France ?
Daniel : My first impression of Rueil-Malmaison was that it is quite sunny and small, with a nice lycée, it was really new. And French people don’t drive properly ; it is very crazy to drive in Paris !

Appoline : What surprised you when you came to France ?
Daniel : I guess the big surprise was how much I love French TV ; and I love watching “N’oubliez pas les paroles” with Nagui every night.

Julyan : What are you going to do when you leave France ?
Daniel : When I leave France, I’m going to teach for 3 months in university and teach in a school in the summer.

Olivia : Would you like to come back to Richelieu ?
Daniel : I would love to come back to Richelieu, if I can do it again next year I would love to. But on visit maybe next year I would love to come back.

Thaïs : And to finish what is your favourite class ?
Daniel : Oh, that’s horrible ! I have to be honest : it is probably this class. It is probably the best class I have spent time with, but I like all my classes.

Thank you !